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Reporting Scams And Online Ripoffs Since 2007 Just Another Russian Remail Scam?

By |December 9, 2012|

It’s the time of year when the Russian remailers really ramp up their efforts. Retailers are busy with holiday orders and less experienced sellers are not likely to catch well-crafted fraudulent orders. But the game is still the same: Fake web sites are [...]

Cash4Gold Getting Several Complaints

By |February 4, 2009|

From the first time we heard the ads, we figured was probably not the best idea for consumers. Now a flurry of negative press on the company confirms what we – and probably most other sane people – thought. Cash4Gold isn’t paying out [...] Allows Fraud to Continue?

By |October 16, 2008|

Recently a ScamTracker contributor had their name and credit card information stolen and the thief used it to set up accounts on and They then started putting up high priced coins for auction and told winning bidders to send payment via Paypal, [...]



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