Did you receive a package with a scarf, smiley face bag, toy, or some other cheap junk you didn’t order? Confused about where it came from? Here’s scam that has been happening recently…

You get a package with a return address you don’t recognize, for example:

Aylen Amador
1226 Andover Park E
Tukwila, WA 98188

You didn’t order the cheap item inside and can’t figure out where it could have come from. Odds are, it came from China. You may have ordered something online recently from a sketchy web site…with an address like nesbitt.store…maybe something you saw on Instagram or TikTok or Facebook. You’re never going to receive it. The scammers behind those sites send this cheap junk instead and then they use the tracking information on the package you just received to “prove” they sent what you ordered and that you received it.

By having a valid tracking number, they are attempting to make it harder for you to dispute the order by saying you never received it. Don’t bother contacting the seller. In this case reported to us, the email address was service@contact24h.store or info@shopexr.com, and neither of these will get you any resolution. The items appear to be drop shipped from Alibaba.com in China…not Washington. The name of the “store” reported to us was Nesbitt, but there are probably dozens if not hundreds of places doing this same thing. 

They list a name and address on their site of:

Meledo Company Limited
4/4a Bloomsbury Square
London, United Kingdom WC1A 2RP
Company number: 11736866
Tel: 442086385417

The solution is to contact your credit card company and tell them what happened and file a chargeback. The ultimate solution is to avoid ordering items from anyplace online that isn’t a well-known seller.