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Did You Receive A Mystery Package?

By |July 5, 2023|

Did you receive a package with a scarf, smiley face bag, toy, or some other cheap junk you didn't order? Confused about where it came from? Here's scam that has been happening recently... You get a package with a return address you don't recognize, [...]

ProtoFlow – The Latest Prostate Supplement Scam

By |June 21, 2023|

The latest in a long line of prostate supplement scams has been released. This one is called ProtoFlow. It's from a front company called PhytoThrive Labs which also goes by the names Media Pulse LTD and MediaMap LTD...none of which appear to be [...]

French Money Changer Charged Under Anti-Money Laundering Law

By |July 19, 2021|

After receiving complaints from several sources, ScamTracker has found that a French company, APS Change (formerly Auxiliaire Parisienne De Services) was fined 70,000 Euros under an anti-money laundering law. APS Change and their owner, Bruno Vanackere, operate two locations in France where travelers from [...]

Instagram Drug Dealer Selling Cocaine & Ketamine

By |April 20, 2021|

And Instagram Says There's No Violation Of Policy! An Instagram drug dealer account selling dangerous illegal drugs like Ketamine and cocaine has been operating for nearly a year and Instagram says it does not violate their community guidelines. We stumbled across this [...]

Scammers Trying To Steal Chainlink Cryptocurrency

By |March 18, 2021|

The higher the price goes, the more scammers will be trying to steal your cryptocurrencies. In this case, they are after Chainlink (LINK). A very convincing looking email went out with the subject: Smart Contract Important Upgrade. The sender was a address [...]

Fake Domain Renewal Scammers

By |March 17, 2021|

If you own a domain name, like, you probably get emails and even regular postal mail claiming your name is about to expire and you need to renew. The problem is, most of the time these come from scammers who aren't your [...]



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