The latest in a long line of prostate supplement scams has been released. This one is called ProtoFlow. It’s from a front company called PhytoThrive Labs which also goes by the names Media Pulse LTD and MediaMap LTD…none of which appear to be real companies in the US.

If any of that sounds familiar, it’s because these are the same scammers who brought you another scam prostate pill: Fluxactive. They are the same ones who brought you a whole list of other scam supplements, like VistaClear, Exipure, Glucofort, Glucotrust, ProDentim, Kerassentials and many others.

All these products come out of a shady supplement mill in Colorado called ShipOffers. Many of the affiliate marketed pills that promise weight loss, better memory, curing tinnitus and almost any other cure for whatever ails you – it comes out of this same place. They make the pills and do the fulfillment of orders. Anyone can put their own label on it and sell it with insane claims – as you have seen all over the internet.

ShipOffers was in the news recently for being the fulfillment center for a “Trump Bucks” scam which were sold online to gullible Trump fans as valuable currency.

ProtoFlow has the same features on their web site as the standard scam sites, including fake reviews using stock photos as “real customers”.

If you have been ripped off by a PhytoThrive product, ShipOffers, or some other health supplement, report it to the FTC!