It’s the time of year when the Russian remailers really ramp up their efforts. Retailers are busy with holiday orders and less experienced sellers are not likely to catch well-crafted fraudulent orders. But the game is still the same:

shipprocess 300x158 1Fake web sites are set up to make the scammers appear to be legitimate companies. Then they find unwitting people on employment sites like Mon or and sign them up (contract and all!) as remailers. Packages arrive at these people’s homes and they remail them to addresses in Russia. They are paid $40 per package via PayPal.

The only problem is that the packages are all items purchased with stolen credit cards.

One recent investigation by found that the remailers were being “hired” by a company called Their web site log in page is all you can see, but the remailers would log in and enter the tracking information for their packages there. Hopefully this site will be down soon, but there are many others just like it. This is an old scam that works well enough for them to continue setting them up.