Here’s a real common scam that a surprising number of people still fall for. It’s the “fake job cashing fake checks” scam. It starts with the scammers sending out emails with lures of easy money, etc. If you reply, you get an email like the one below:

Dear Sir/Madam!
So this duties and conditions of your work:

Duties: collecting payments from our customers on your home adress or
your PO Boxes with checks. The delivery of the payments to our Manager
takes place once or twice a week. You should make a clearing of the
checks without any delays except force-major consequences.
Transferring the funds by means of Western Union or Money Gram offices
to our offices. Making a scanned copies of any documents connected
with the payments by the first demand of the company.

Conditions : Salary – $1700/month or 7 percents off each transaction.
After a one-month probation period you will be given a 10 percents pay

If you are interested in this job and you really want to work with us,
send your resume on ours e-mail, with the full contact information, then
we will send you contract, you should sign it and we will begin to
co-operate. Also you can visit our official web-site, for acquaintance with activity and production of
our company.

Thank you. With best regards Toplex LTD and supervisor in Northern
America Ronald Bass.

Of course, once you start cashing their large checks, you are asked to wire them the money from your account. If you do so, you will then later find out the checks are counterfeit. You have just wired YOUR money to the scammers. You are on the hook with your bank for all the cash you sent. People, please remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! No legitimate business is going to pay you to cash checks for them! Once again, this one should be easy to spot from the typical poor spelling and broken English.